5 New Year’s Resolutions for your Business

Even if your don’t make New Year’s resolutions for yourself, you should at least consider making New Year’s resolutions for your business for 2015.

Improve Your SEO

With over 22 million (84%) households in Great Britain (according to ONS) having internet access, having your business on the internet is crucial. Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming very important, with over 80% of customers checking online reviews prior to making a purchase, it’s clear being visible on search engines is very important to any business. Google constantly makes updates to its algorithm so it’s important to stay on top of your SEO.

Want to read all Google’s algorithm changes? MOZ, a specialist SEO company, has condensed all Google’s updates here. 

Be mobile adaptive

Adaptive websitesSource: todaymade

According to the Office of National Statistics, from 2010 to 2014 in Great Britain, access to the internet from a mobile phone has risen from 24% to 58%. So now more than ever it is important that your customers can use your website on their mobiles/tablets.

Take note of changes in social media

Is there a new social media taking off that you can target? In 2014 Instagram started rolling out video Ads.

A trend that is tipped to be big in 2015 is ‘scommerce’, Twitter and Facebook has been trialing buttons, such as ‘buy’ buttons which appear along side tweets and posts so consumers can  from the site.

Twitter Lead Generation Card

Source: Twitter

When a consumer clicks the ‘install’ button, the user is taken straight to the Apple App Store to download the app. Can your business utilise the buttons to generate more conversions?

It’s important to keep an eye on new trends on social media as being a new adopter could benefit your business.

Prepare for personalisation

Marketing is becoming more regionalised and localised. Can your business be more personalised? Could you provide customers with personalised services? An example of good personalisation is Hubspot. Hubspot catergorise their content into industries such as Marketing, Sales and Agency, this helps the customer find the content made for them. They can even sign up to receive more content that is targeted at them and what they will find interesting.

Make sure data is protected

In 2014, there were many cyber attacks that worried consumers. That’s why for 2015, data protection should be taken serious, especially businesses that are constantly receiving customer data.

From everyone at Hilton Smythe we hope you have a prosperous year!

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