Butcher’s for sale with National Butchers’ Week

National Butchers’ Week

This year, National Butchers’ Week is running from the 14th to the 20th March 2016. This important week aims to promote independent butchers and encourage more consumers to consider their local butcher as their first port of call for their meat purchases. A good butcher will provide their customers with in-depth knowledge on everything from cooking times, to cuts and menu suggestions.

Butchers are now in a unique position to capitalise on customers’ desire to shop away from mainstream supermarkets. A current trend in saving cash by recreating the dining out experience at home has seen butchers sales increase. Many butchers now also supply restaurants directly and are ideally placed to capitalise on the trend of eating locally sourced cuts of meat.

Butchers everywhere will be holding events to showcase the knowledge they have to offer as well as information about getting value for money.

Tim Trent’s prime cut of business

Tim Trent has been in the meat trade for around 30 years now, after starting as a Saturday boy and advancing to become a fully qualified Butcher by the age of 17.

Working from Slaughter House, boning halls, wholesale, Retail, Catering and a manager of shops at a very young age, it’s safe to say he knows the meat industry inside out.

Tim started his own successful business in 2008. Ensuring that his customers receive the best possible shopping experience and providing excellent service as well as the best value for money was a priority for Tim.

Despite a rapid expansion over the following years, Tim ensured that his customers continue to receive the best possible experience and have in fact benefited from this by reasonable unitary prices.

Fast forward to 2015 and the success of Trent’s Traditional Meats Ltd has resulted in the need for Tim to expand. When looking for new premises Tim turned to Hilton Smythe and soon found his first opportunity in Weston-super-Mare. It didn’t take long for Tim and his wife Cindy to set up shop in King Williams Quality Meats. The story doesn’t end here.

Later in 2015 the pair found a listing in Swindon that also too their fancy. After contacting Hilton Smythe, Tim and Cindy were booked in for a viewing with the intention of ‘taking a gander’. The viewing must have been a success as in October 2015 Hilton Smythe helped the couple in the purchase of their second butchers, Mike McGuire Family Butchers.

We would like to wish Tim and Cindy the best of luck in their business.



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