Get Your Business Noticed This Christmas

Christmas is a great time for businesses to make some extra money. According to Verdict forecasts suggest that consumers will spend over £2.3bn more this year than in 2013. This is due to an improving housing market, and rising consumer confidence. Shoppers are expected to spend around £90.7bn (£53.6bn on non-food and £37.1bn on food and grocery).

Below we’ve gathered some easy tips for you to ‘Christmas-ise’ your business!


It’s no surprise that the top tip is to decorate. Anyone with a shop window should be decorating it to match the season. An inviting shop window could make customers more likely to come in!

The first step is to get the customer in – obviously having an interesting shop window could be the key to increase footfall this Christmas.

TopShop Christmas Shop Window

Source: Emma Cook 

Here we have a Christmas window display by Top Shop. It screams Christmas and parties with the glitzy outfits and presents, it makes the customers think about the future social gatherings they may be attending and the outfits they might have to buy!

Gift Wrap

If your business is a product based business, gift wrapping gifts could be your key to up selling. Many people will pay extra for a well wrapped present.

Add a little extra

Around this time of year some companies add a little extra. For example a clothing store may add a Christmas card and a little goodie (say a chocolate bar) just to say thanks for your custom.

Boohoo hold an annual Christmas party and invite bloggers for the press day. To invite the bloggers they send out an invite, in hopes that the bloggers will post it on social media. As you can see below, this blogger has posted their invite online as they were impressed with it. Could your business offer something like this?

Boo Hoo Christmas Invite

Source: The Prosecco Diaries 

Create gift sets

Every year for Christmas, Benefit cosmetics produce gift sets. A lot of the sets are Christmas themed – with the packaging changing for Christmas.

Benefit Christmas Sets

Source: Benefit Cosmetics 

A clever trick is the use of a play on words, the gift set below is called ‘sugerglam fairies’ this uses a Christmas theme but also fits in with makeup with the use of ‘glam’.

Benefit sugarglam fairies gift set

Source: Benefit Cosmetics 

Create Christmas cheer

What’s better at Christmas than all things sweet? If you’re customer faced why not offer customers Christmas treats when they come into your store? People tend to remember things that are a little bit out of the ordinary.

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