Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Google's Update Will Mean It Should Be

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Google’s Update Will Mean It Should Be

Do you have a responsive site? If not, by April you may see a significant drop in your ranks for mobile searches. On April 21st, Google is releasing an algorithm that favors mobile friendly sites due to the increase in users via mobile.

The update means that sites that provide a mobile-friendly site will rank better than those that do not. The mobile-friendly update only affects searches via a smartphone or table, not searches done on a desktop/laptop. But can you afford to rank lower on mobile sites?

According to We Are Social, the amount of people accessing the internet via mobile phones has increased by 39% from 2014, meaning it is now responsible for 31% of web traffic, whereas traffic by laptops and desktops has decreased by 13%.

Share of Web Traffic by Device
Source: We Are Social

According to Google, 74% of people say is the website they visit is mobile-friendly, they are more likely to return.

“48% of users say they feel frustrated and annoyed when they get to a site that’s not mobile-friendly.”

This change in algorithm could help you stand out against competitors if they fail to adapt or it could leave you behind. So take this opportunity to make sure your website complies to Google’s rules. Even if you think your site is mobile friendly, Google has certain criteria that they deem ‘mobile-friendly’. Want to see if your site is deemed ‘mobile-friendly’? Have a look on Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

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