Hilton Smythe Does St. Patrick's Day

Hilton Smythe Does St. Patrick’s Day

Today the Hilton Smythe team got into the Irish spirit and donned some green clothes. As we support the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, who runs the Be Seen in Green Day where supporters dress in green, we thought combining St. Patrick’s Day and Be Seen in Green Day would be perfect.

Hilton Smythe St. Patrick's Day

In true Irish spirit we all guessed how many gold coins where in the jar, with the person closest winning the coins. The winner was Phil Maguire our finance director, who guessed 101 (some people felt like it was fixed!).

Hilton Smythe Does St. Patrick's Day

Have a look at all the photos from the day here. Interested in what else we do for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital click here.

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