Hilton Smythe Toy Appeal

Here at Hilton Smythe we regularly support the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, this is done through the events we hold, our annual Toy Appeal and our employees generously donating from their salaries.

This year, like every year we held our annual Toy Appeal, to collect toys to give to the children at the hospital. When we went to drop off the toys we got the chance to have a look around the hospital and see where all the money goes to and the hard work the charity put into making the hospital a little less scary.

One of the most exciting departments we had the privilege of seeing was the Radiology Department. The Radiology Department is especially scary for many children, due to all the machines, so it was made over to try and put the children at ease. The charity always asks for input off patients and previous patients, and the children always get hands on when deciding on a theme.

For the Radiology Department a space theme was chosen to tie in with the machines being used. Each section of the department was given a planet and the doors were designed around that planet. The doors to the different rooms all looked like spaceship doors with a colourful design, it looked great. Whilst we were there I overheard a child crying and their parents told them they were going into the spaceship, which cheered the child up, so it’s clear that the hard work and money really does help the children during their stay at the hospital.

Take a look at some photographs we took at the hospital:


Click here to see what we do for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

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