Setting Up a Business Twitter Account

According to Twitter, there are 288 million monthly active users, with 500 million Tweets being sent per day. So social media can be extremely useful for businesses to expand their brand awareness. In this blog we go through the steps to creating your own Twitter Account for your company.

Sign up for a Twitter Account

The first step for creating a business twitter account is to sign up for a Twitter account. Here you can create a username, for a brand it would be best to create a username that is associated with your brand name. Set up twitter account

Confirm your Twitter Account

To get started on Twitter you’ll have to confirm your twitter account. Twitter will email you a link which you have to click to confirm that the email address is linked to the twitter account.

Add a profile picture

A profile picture can be used to strengthen the brand profile. Most businesses use their logo as their profile picture. The profile picture should be 256 x 256 px, check out our cheat sheet for all the dimensions for Twitter.

Add a cover photo

A cover photo can be great to communicate to customers, you can highlight offers or campaigns or could just highlight your products.

Add details

Here you can add your location and website. Adding a website address can be very useful as customers might like what they see on your twitter page and want to see more.


Finally to complete your Twitter account you should follow people you feel would be useful for your Twitter community.

For a quick guide on dimensions for your profiles check out our social media cheat sheet.

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