Hilton Smythe is proud to be a corporate partner of the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity

We're big on supporting good causes and getting our staff involved. Since 2013 we've been supporting the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity, and from 2015, we've supported Charlotte Jennings in celebrating her birthday and her battle with cancer.


Based in Manchester, the charity works to ensure that those children who are unfortunate enough to need to stay or visit the hospital, are given the best possible experience and are expertly cared for. The hospital is a specialist unit for pediatric care and often children come from all over the country to be treated there.


The Charity works to, "the things the NHS simply can't do", like providing activities and entertainment for children and their families who require long term hospitalization; building play centers and soft play outdoor facilities; providing much needed emotional support to children and their families and most importantly funding essential research into pediatric care.


We support the charity through a number of ways:

  • Sponsorship of charity events (sponsoring Charlotte Jennings 13th Birthday party)
  • Donation of equipment (donation of TV's for the children to watch)
  • Staff donations from non-uniform days
  • Sponsored events undertaken by us (such as a Santa Run, Christmas Toy Appeal)
  • Donations from profits.

To date we have donated, well in excess of £20,000 through various methods and we will be endeavoring to continue this vital support.


To find out more and get involved with the charity visit:


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