The coolest offices around the UK

October 10, 2014

As a leading business broker, we see many peoples places of work.

We’ve recently moved into a brilliant, shiny new office in Bolton town centre so we thought it’d be quite fitting to look at the coolest offices in the UK! Be warned, you may be green with envy at these ridiculous offices. How does your office measure up?

Innocent drinks office – London

Innocent Drinks Offices

Source: London Evening Standard

Innocent excels when it comes to ensuring brand ethos is included in their offices. The London office includes faux grass throughout – keeping with the ‘fresh’ feel of the Innocent brand and the dining area is set as a picnic area including a picnic bench, ping pong and a football table – with bunting to add to the picnic vibe. Perfect match for the Innocent brand.

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RedBull Headquarters – London

Redbull Offices

Source: Office Snap Shots

RedBull’s headquarters in London fully embrace the brands identity. The waiting room/reception almost looks like a skate park, which screams RedBull. With a ping pong table meeting room and a slide to get about, RedBull’s London headquarters is definitely one of the coolest offices in the UK.

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Virgin Money Office – Edinburgh

Virgin Money Offices

Source: Virgin News

Virgin Money’s Edinburgh office recently grabbed the ‘Best Recycled & Refurbished Workplace in Great Britain’ award from the British Council for Offices Awards. The Edinburgh office is one of Virgin’s many great buildings, recently Virgin added a Virgin Money Lounge in Manchester to their ever growing list. The Manchester lounge is just as impressive as their offices, keeping with the quirky themes Virgin has used.

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ASOS Headquarters – London

Asos Offices

Source: Office Snap Shots

ASOS’s London headquarters breathes fashion, by taking inspiration from patterns and colours – which is what ASOS is all about. The office focuses on giving a creative and welcoming environment to employees, whilst also catering for visitors with a tour route displaying the journey of a garment from the beginning all the way to completion.

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BBC North Office – Manchester

BBC North Offices

Source: Arch Daily

BBC North’s Manchester office is designed to focus on being open and creative rather than desk-centric, providing a workplace for creativity to flow for a variety of tasks. Up to 73% of the products and materials used to complete the office were manufactured in the UK, ensuring BBC supported local businesses. The office also doubles as a studio space, providing the backdrop to an assortment of broadcasts.

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Temple Studios – Bristol

Temple Studios Offices


Temple Studios a provider of flexible office space, transformed a derelict building in Bristol into a thriving hub for creative businesses. The building has many original features including the original flooring and walls. The building is centred by ‘The Space’ – an area for all the companies to enjoy together. The building stands out due to its bold and industrial style, with a rather eye catching entrance.

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Ministry of Defence Office – Liverpool

Ministry of Defense OfficesSource: Retail Design Blog

The Ministry of Defence Liverpool office combines the traditional elements of the grade II listed building with modern designs to provide the employees with an enjoyable workplace. The main purpose of the office was to provide a flexible and non-hierarchical space with offers informal meeting points for employees to collaborate together.

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Citypress Office – Manchester

Citypress Offices

Source: Retail Design Blog 

Citypress is a leading independently owned PR agency. The office is situated in a Grade II listed building on Deansgate in the heart of Manchester. The Manchester based office is split into two sections: a ‘functional’ part of the business and a customer facing zone. The office includes creative thinking zones which are fitted with whiteboard walls and glass fronted meeting rooms.

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Google Campus – Dublin

Google Offices

Source: Retail Design Blog

Google Ireland’s Dublin based campus is located in the heart of Dublin’s historic docklands district. The reception has giant Google lettering, which have been transformed into meeting spaces.

In true Google style, the office is extremely colourful and each floor has a ‘theme’ making each office individual. A unique feature to the Dublin campus is an Irish pub for employees to relax in. One meeting room mimics a field with faux grass used for seating.

The Floor Themes include:

  1. ‘SEARCH’ – dedicated to finding any information as a fast, seamless experience
  2. ‘APPINESS’ – dedicated to the popular Google Apps
  3. ‘BE GREEN’ – expresses Google’s ecological focus
  4. ‘@HOME’ – dedicated to Google’s aspiration of giving its users the feeling of being at home
  5. ‘CREATE’ – expresses the free, unrestrained and open-minded spirit of Google, opening endless opportunities to its users and allowing them to create
  6. ‘ORGANIZE’ – dedicated to Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful
  7. ‘INNOVATE’ – expresses Google’s boundlessly advanced, dynamic and progressive character

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Which office do you dream to work in? Feel free to comment!

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