Should you sell your business with a business broker?

June 6, 2015

Selling your business can be a daunting and scary task, however it doesn’t have to be. If you use a Business Broker to sell your business it can be a lot less nerve racking, purely due to their experience in selling businesses. Here at Hilton Smythe we are dedicated to helping people sell their business for the money they deserve, in an easy and stress free way.

So if that wasn’t enough reason to use a business broker, here’s some top reasons as to why using a business broker cpuld be the correct decision for you.



Business brokers pay to advertise businesses on certain sites. For example, Hilton Smythe advertise on a variety of sites including Daltons,  BusinessesForSale and our own website to name a few. That said, can you afford to advertise on these sites yourself? If the answer is no, hiring a business broker is a good option as you get advertising in with the cost.


Valuing your Business

Deciding on a price for your business is crucial to the sale. Too high and you’ll have no-one seriously interested, however it’s really important that you get the price you deserve, after all you’ve built up the business and you deserve to be paid for all your hard work.  Being on the market with a business broker makes sure you can get a reasonable price for your business to be marketed at.


Reaching out to Potential Buyers

At Hilton Smythe we have a matching system, which means we can match our businesses to all the potential buyers on our system, this means we are more likely to be able to find a potential buyer suitable for your business.


Time Wasters

Unfortunately, a business broker usually comes across some time wasters. However with that said as we are aware of some people who aren’t serious about buying a business we can provide you only people who are seriously looking for a business to buy. This means you can get on with running your business while we gather interested buyers for you.


Closing a Deal

Closing a deal is an exciting time when you’re selling your business, so why not make sure it goes successfully? Business Brokers have years of experience when it comes to closing a deal, which means you can sit back while they do the hard work making sure everything goes well.


If you’re looking to sell your business contact us today, and we can get you one step closer to selling your business!