Selling a business

January 1, 2017

Reasons to trust Hilton Smythe with your sale

We think differently to other business brokers. Our business has always been about honesty and integrity. No fluff, no false hope; just genuine, upfront advice when selling a business.

So, why choose Hilton Smythe to help you move on?

We don't charge withdrawal fees when selling a business!

No withdrawal fees.

We don’t believe that people selling a business should have to worry about a withdrawal fee if we have been unsuccessful. Lets face it, not every business sells and sometimes that may mean you want to change agents. We won’s leave you with a nasty withdrawal fee if that’s what you do!

Have confidence in the asking price when selling a business.

Up to date market data to prove asking prices.

When you’re selling a business with us, you’ll know that the asking price is the going rate for your business. We share market data with you so that you know exactly what the marketing price should be.

Local representatives across the country.

Covering the UK, we can help wherever you are.

If you want to sell a business in the UK we have it covered. Our Regional Valuers are placed throughout the country and on hand to offer you the advice you need, when you want it.

All inclusive legal fees when selling a business.

All inclusive legal service.

We want you to know exactly where you stand when it comes to costs. That’s why we were the first and only company to include the legal costs when selling a business. We don’t include this cost on share sales though and unfortunately, if you’re in Scotland, the Isle of Man or Northern Ireland, we can’t include the service at all at the moment.

Pick the advertising you need.

Maximum advertising exposure.

We’ll advertise you on all the platforms you need, all of the time. Some business brokers will only advertise you on one or two sites at a time. With us, its lock stock and barrel. We don’t leave selling your business to chance; we make sure it gets maximum advertising exposure, all of the time!

Regular updates when selling a business.

Regular updates from your named contact.

Want to know whats going on? We update the people selling a business with us every thirty days. Even if we’ve had no interest, we’ll tell you!

Want to find out more?

Why not get a free business appraisal and valuation from the UK’s leading business broker, Hilton Smythe