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Buying a Café or Tea Room with Hilton Smythe

Buying a café – is it a profitable industry?

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The rise of café culture in the UK

Café culture is dominating the food and drink market in Britain. The number of coffee shops in the UK is rising, as speciality coffees from around the world become a serious hit with Brits.

We’re becoming a nation of coffee connoisseurs, in addition to our long history with the traditional British cup of tea. Last year in Britain, £4.3bn was spent on coffee in 2018 according to research by Mintel.

Over 81% of people now visit a coffee shop on a weekly basis.

We're an Island of Coffee Lovers

With a constant thirst for hot drinks and a caffeine fix, a variety of quirky tea rooms, artisan coffee shops and independent cafes are springing up across the UK to address the needs of Brits.

But it’s not just the food and drink on the menu which is driving café culture. More remote working opportunities and the availability of free Wi-Fi in cafes and coffee shops could have also influenced the market, as customers enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while sipping a latte and typing away on their laptop.

The success of any café/coffee shops depends on a variety of factors such as business management skills, pricing, costs, customer base and location.

However, the cost of sourcing coffee ingredients can be relatively low, allowing for some healthy margins.

With increased demand comes increased competition, so it’s crucial to be unique and stand out from your competitor’s, whether that’s by basing a shop around a certain theme/niche or creating a unique atmosphere.

It is evident to see that the demand for café’s and coffee shops is ever growing. This makes them a great potential business venture that can generate significant revenue, whilst also generating healthy profits.

According to research undertaken by Mintel, the UK coffee shop market has gone through its largest growth period since 2008, when the market was valued at £2.2 billion. Since then, it has been predicted that coffee shop sales will increase by 29%, hitting around £4.3 billion.

Are coffee shops a good long-term investment?

We’ll never be a tea-total country

There is nothing more quintessentially British than a cup of tea, (or a brew as we like to call it up north) so the demand for tea is going nowhere. To add it all up, the British population consumes a whopping 95 million cups of tea every day!

The most popular type of tea in the UK is English Breakfast tea, but there are many other types which are becoming common including green tea, earl grey and other herbal infusions. 

The UK is no longer addicted to cups of tea alone! They love coffee too!

If you’re hoping to become your own boss, then buying a café is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Not only will you be helping the nation continue its tea and coffee addiction, but the recent revival of afternoon tea also holds profitable opportunities.

Cafes and coffee shops are often busy seven days a week, and serve as a welcoming meeting point for families, colleagues and friends. Did you know that 81% of us visit coffee shops on a weekly basis? So whether you prefer tea or coffee, buying a café could fulfil your aspirations of becoming a successful business owner.

How do I fund my café business purchase?

So now you’ve decided that you want to venture into the world of cafe culture. You’ve planned the interior design of the shop, the products, the location and the atmosphere you intend on creating. That’s all great but, how are you going to fund it all?

At Hilton Smythe, we go one step further than showing you what businesses are available – we also have our own independent finance company, Hilton Smythe Finance, to help buyers finance the purchase of their dream business.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an industry pro, experienced barista or a first time buyer, our financial services team can help you find the funding you require.

Get searching now for your ideal coffee shop, tea room or local café. We have hundreds for sale up and down the nation, so take a look at our current listings.

Cafés, Tea Rooms and Coffee Shops come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

From trendy coffee shops frequented by hipsters to the local greasy spoon serving up the builders’ favourite brekkie. As one of the UK’s biggest business brokers we list all these and more – search for your dream café, tea room and coffee shop today.

Some of our cafe businesses for sale

For SaleDelicatessen , specialist wine shop and cafeOlney, Buckinghamshire
For SaleCharming And Well Presented Independent CafeEastbourne, East Sussex
For SaleBeautifully Presented Cafe & Tea RoomsOtley, West Yorkshire
For SaleBusy Cafe with Shisha Lounge London, City of London


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