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Buying a Sandwich Shop with Hilton Smythe

Everybody loves a good butty don’t they?

Whether it’s a breakfast sarnie or a baguette for lunch, the sandwich remains one of the most popular meals and snacks to eat on-the-go. That’s why running a sandwich shop can be such a great business venture! Find out more about buying your dream sandwich shop the Hilton Smythe Way and the exciting opportunities below.

Best thing since sliced bread – the sandwich!

Before sandwiches were so readily available, like they are today, they were enjoyed by the elite. In fact as a recipe, the sandwich has a very interesting history! It was formally invented in 1762 when the Earl of Sandwich requested something to eat while playing cards. He was given a beef, cheese and horseradish sandwich. Then in 1840 along came afternoon tea, a light meal consisting of tea and sandwiches – a British institution!

The French adopted the sandwich in 1910 (via the croque-monsieur) and in 1980, M&S invented the packaged sandwich. Today, it is estimated that at least 60% of Brits buy a sandwich at least once a year – but many of us buy fresh or pre-made sandwiches once a week or more.

The sandwich industry is worth about £2.8 billion, with many specialist shops selling sandwiches exclusively on the menu. You’ll find sandwich bars on local high streets, shopping parades, retail parks and in commercial areas to cater for workers.

Opportunities to boost revenue

With so much competition in the sandwich market, it’s a good idea to consider opportunities to increase revenue streams. In addition to serving customers in the shop, you could also advertise catering services. Team up with local offices to offer corporate catering at their meetings – who can resist a selection of fresh sandwiches? Catering services can also be hired for private events which require a cold buffet.

Financing your sandwich shop

If you’ve decided that this is your next career move, then nothing should stand in your way – especially a lack of finances. Applying for a commercial loan can be daunting, but often your business broker can point you in the right direction. At Hilton Smythe we’ve established a separate team to deal with all your financial enquiries – so ask us anything!

Hilton Smythe Financial Services will help you every step of the way on your journey to becoming a business owner. We’ll make sure your loan application is approved so you can get on with planning the business launch. We offer open and honest jargon-free advice and pride ourselves on being approachable – so even if you’re a first time buyer you’ll feel comfortable chatting to us.

Are you ready to become a sandwich artist?

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