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About our financial services

In-house finance and support

At Hilton Smythe, we want to help you fulfil your dream of owning your perfect business. No one should feel their dream is out of reach, especially not for financial reasons.


These are available to trading businesses, who are looking to purchase or refinance commercial property, from where their business operates.

Some lenders just refer to them as ‘Business Loans’.

Various commercial mortgage options & terms are available:

  • fixed and variable rates – can be linked to Base rate or Libor
  • Short and long-term commitment periods – up to 25 years in some cases
  • Amortization periods up to 30 years
  • Capital & Interest repayment / interest only periods
  • LTV’s can vary widely and can be up to 100%, although typically 70%
  • Bank arrangement fees added onto the loan.

Other reasons to use Hilton Smythe Financial to buy your dream business

  • Expert and knowledgeable team with many years’ experience dealing with business finance
  • No up-front administration or fee charges
  • Specialist in helping you fund the purchase of your dream business
  • Whole market approach to get the best rates for your circumstances
  • Dedicated Manager who knows you and your business

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