Grocery store ends three-generation link with family name

March 3, 2020

A florist and grocery store ends a three-generation link with family name. With more than 170 years of history, W. Brass & Sons is up for sale, as its current owner looks forward to a relaxing retirement.

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W. Brass & Sons grocery store ends a three-generation link with family name. Founded in 1844 by the current owner’s grandfather, William Brass, who passed the business and his name to his son. Current owner, William Brass, inherited the business from his father and is now looking forward to a restful retirement. William Brass III’s three sons have all pursued different careers and do not have the time to take the business forward.

Operated by William and his shop assistant, Janet, the grocery store enjoys a prime location in the centre of Murton village. W. Brass & Sons has established itself as a popular shop, together with acting as the local florist with an excellent reputation amongst the community, attracting several repeat buyers.

The spacious premises sit below a three-bedroom flat, currently rented out by the owner, and a garage is also available for rental purposes.

Originally the store operated as a greengrocer selling fresh fruit and vegetables before the current owner’s father diversified the business by adding a new dimension to it of a florist, which acts as an opportunity for growth.

Current owner, William Brass said: “I am reluctant to sell the family shop, especially at a time when business is on a high, but I recognise the need to take some time out with my family and pass the business to someone else now.

“I am sure the new owners will advance the business and provide the local community with a quality florist or grocery store, as it sits in a prime location, with a supportive community. It will be great to see what the new owners do with it.

“It is a shame to part with W.Brass as it has held the family name for 176 years now, and three generations. There is a history of memories behind the business and we, as a family are incredibly proud of it and have high hopes for its future.”

Gareth Smyth

“This grocery store boasts huge potential for a new owner, with an already established reputation with the locals, it is set up nicely for the new owners.

“It is an ideal location for a greengrocer as it faces no competition and acts as a convenience for locals to not have to drive to the supermarkets.

“I wish William a happy and well-earned retirement and I guarantee this fantastic store will be carried forward and remain a popular local business.”

Gareth Smyth, CEO of Hilton Smythe Group

W. Brass & Sons
For sale: £149,950 +SAV Ref: 1455 A

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Hilton Smythe are delighted to introduce William Brass to the market. The business has been proudly owned by the same family for three generations. This is a reluctant sale due to the current owners wishes to retire.

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Buying a convenience store or green grocers

The good thing about buying a convenience store is that it appeals to a wide variety of people. They stock a wide range of food and household products and, depending on the store, cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and newspapers. They are there to serve a need, providing a practical alternative to the out-of-town superstores with people topping-up their cupboards for those daily essentials like milk and bread. Convenience stores have also become centres of the community in more isolated locations.

Once you have decided that the life of a convenience store owner is for you, you need to start looking for a suitable business to buy. It sounds easy, but there are several decisions that you will have to make along the way.

First of all, where do you want to locate? Not just which part of the country, but also do you want to run a rural store or one in a residential area of a town? If the convenience store is situated in a countryside village it will often take centre stage in the community. This means that as well as simply stocking food and drink, you may also be expected to act as a newsagent, bakery and Post Office. If you succeed, you'll have a loyal and regular stream of customers through your door.

FAQ’s on opening a florist shop

What are the costs of opening a florist shop?
The startup costs can vary based on whether you open a flower shop from scratch or you buy an established florist shop.

What things might I need to start the business?

  • Basic floral supplies
  • Floral point-of-sale
  • Website
  • Computer
  • Furniture
  • Delivery vehicle
  • Floral coolers.

One of the most significant cost factors is location, as a retail location will obviously cost more than a home-based studio.

Should I buy an existing florist shop?
Definitely! This will save you a lot of money. You will have an established business with a loyal customer base and a good location on a high street.

How do I advertise to my customers?
At some point in their lives, everyone needs to buy flowers for Weddings, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Funerals, Birthdays and special occasions.

A few ways you can advertise to your customers is to do some or all of the following:

  • Join social media, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter 
  • Sign up for Google Business
  • Get listed in your local area and encourage reviews
  • Get backlinks on your website to build your brand
  • Face to face marketing, go to local businesses and offer a free floral arrangements to display on their counter with your business card strategically displayed so everyone can see it
  • Run a contest or promotion
  • Sell gift items
  • Join your community and offer free or discounted items to local schools, town hall and senior communities.

It’s a good idea to start marketing even before your flower shop is open, use social media, Facebook and Instagram. All of this is important to get your florist shop up and running and help you and your business to be a great success.

Owning a florist can be a fulfilling job as you meet all sorts of people for a variety of events. If you’re interested in running a local florist, see how we can help your dream come true.