Raise a ‘paw’ to International Cat Day!

August 8, 2018

You can’t ignore 500 million cats on International Cat Day.

The Ancient Egyptians are thought to have domesticated the first cats and since then Felis Catus has got its own back by domesticating we humans.

#InternationalCatDay on August 8 has been set aside to recognise their contribution to mankind. Owning a moggie is said to improve mental stress and relieve anxiety – unless they are shedding their fur or ripping up your carpets!

Here are a few feline facts to help you mark these loveable fur balls. The record for the world’s fattest cat is held by Himmy. The Australian feline tipped the scales at 21.3kgs or 46.8lbs, the most sophisticated computer in 2010 could only perform 83 times slower than a cat’s brain and our top cat names are Tigger and Bella. 

So if you love cats or pets in general then this could be fur you!

You could buy any of these businesses from the ‘cat’s whiskers’, Hilton Smythe!


Helloth Farm Cottage

For sale, £399,995 +SAV, Helloth Farm Cottage Pet Supplies and Cattery on the outskirts of Sheffield


Oakwood Cattery

For sale, £725,000 +SAV, Oakworth Cattery in West Yorkshire’s Bronte Country


Upper Ruxley CatteryFor sale, £849,995 +SAV,  Ruxley Cattery, near Sidcup, Kent


Buckfield CatteryFor sale, £1,750,000 +SAV, Cuckfield Cattery Ltd, near Haywoods Heath, West Sussex

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