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Sell your Bakery the Hilton Smythe Way

Is it time to move on and sell your Bakery Business?

Perhaps you’re relocating and would like to sell your bakery shop. If you’re interested in making money on your business asset then we’re here to help! We’ve assisted hundreds of business owners in selling their businesses fast. Find out more about the process below.

Deciding to sell

Selling your business is a huge decision which shouldn’t be taken likely. Most people describe their business like their baby. They’ve built it from the ground up and watch it grow. It can be very difficult to imagine somebody else running your business.

If you think you’re ready to let your bakery go in the next couple of years then there are a number of factors to consider. How will an uncertain economy affect the sale? Is the bakery and baked goods market experiencing growth? Is there still a consumer demand for local fresh baked goods? Will you be able to achieve a fair price for your business and all the hard work you’ve put into it? Many questions should be asked before making the final decision to sell your bakery.

Reasons for selling a bakery

Business owners sell their enterprises for a wide variety of reasons. One of the most popular is retirement. Are you ready to cash in on your years of hard work and spend your retirement savings? Selling your business could release a lot of money for your retirement plans.

In some cases, someone could be forced to sell their business through ill health if they can no longer keep up with demand. Running a successful bakery requires long hours and if the owner themselves is baking the goods, then the shop shuts when they are not well enough to work. If a business owner has long term health problems and cannot afford to pay someone else to run the business, then they may have to sell up.

A business owner may also feel like a change of scenery from time to time! Perhaps they have achieved all they can in the bakery industry, and fancy investing in a different sector. They may have their sights set on international business deals or living in a different country.

A world of opportunities

As a business owner you’re sitting on a lot of capital which could be used for a variety of new opportunities. Whether you crave a new business challenge or dream of travelling the world in your golden years. As a result, it all starts with a call to Hilton Smythe.

We’ll value your business for free so you have an idea of the sale price you can expect. Then was the UK’s leading broker we can help you find a suitable buyer and close the deal faster than anyone else. If you’re ready to sell your business for a world of new opportunities, contact us today.

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